Study of trends in the evolution of the book market in Romania

Study on the design of a model of hotel animation activities for resorts on the Romanian coast

Dynamics in the implementation of EU policies in the valorization of protected areas in Romania through tourism and the development of an integrated management architecture for them

Sustainable and Nature based Tourism IT Course and Handbook

Best Boss

Strengthening the firm’s resilience in crisis conditions by promoting effective organizational learning methods and approaches

Dimensions and effects of deviant behavior in the workplace

Guidelines and Training Program for Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism Developed by VET and HE Providers for Micro and Small Sized Enterprises

Assessment Procedure for Micro and Small Sized Enterprises Successors in the Tourism Industry

Study on the relationship between local authorities and tourism activity in Romania

Innovative partnership between the university and the business environment – PARTENER.NET

Dâmbovița County Tourism Development and Promotion Strategy

THE RURALTOUR: A Training Program for Sustainable Rural Tourism under the Erasmus+ program


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