About Cactus

The Academic Center for Research in Tourism and Services (CACTUS) has as its core activity fundamental and applied interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary research in the fields of tourism, services and geography, aiming at increasing the national and international visibility. CACTUS is interested in creating sustainable relationships with other universities, research centers, institutions, administrative authorities in Romania and abroad, as well as with the private sector. The Centre aims to develop projects in its fields of activity, based on different types of methods and approaches, involving mixed teams of professors, researchers and experts. It also aims to enhance the value of scientific research by disseminating the results and publishing them especially in journals with international visibility and by publishing books in recognized publishing houses. At the same time, the results of the topical research carried out serve the private and public sectors.

Other activities carried out: consultancy in the fields of tourism and services but also in specific compatible fields, development of research projects at national or international level (individually or as coordinator/member), training in the form of short-term and master programs, scientific services, etc.
The aim of CACTUS is to promote scientific research in the fields of tourism and services in interdependence with other related fields in order to increase national and international visibility and market competitiveness.
The Centre contributes to the improvement of the performance for Romanian organizations/institutions/companies by discovering and applying new models, approaches, novel solutions resulting from research in order to solve problems of academic/university/ and /or Romanian business interest.
CACTUS aims to support and capitalize the research potential of academics and researchers from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies by creating interdisciplinary teams for trans-disciplinary research, studies and for the development of projects with domestic and international funding. It also aims to promote young members, PhD students, MSc and undergraduate students, in order to develop their research capacity.

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