The team

Selection of areas of expertise: service economics, tertiary sector development strategies, service sector liberalization, local development, competitiveness in service business, sustainable development, business administration, management in services, marketing in tourism, education, management, strategy, human resources, organizational behavior, small and medium enterprises, hotel management, feasibility, tourism history, communication, tourism management, emotional labor, emotion management, business ethics, networking, travel agencies, ticketing, tertiary sector, personalized tourism services, reservation systems, competitiveness, cultural heritage, emerging economies, competitiveness clusters, global economy, international institutions and organizations, urban geography, social geography, economic geography, tourism geography, geopolitics.

Associate Professor Cătălina Anca Atanasie – Boruz, Ph.D.
Lecturer Daniel Bulin, Ph.D.
Lecturer Alexandru Gavriş, Ph.D.
Assistant Georgică Gheorghe, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Remus Ion Hornoiu, Ph.D.
Professor Maria Ioncică, Ph.D.
Lecturer Maria Cristina Iorgulescu, Ph.D.
Lecturer Adrian Lucian Kanovici, Ph.D.
Professor Nicolae Lupu, Ph.D.
Lecturer Andreea Marin – Pantelescu, Ph.D.
Professor Rodica Elena Minciu, Ph.D.
Lecturer Viorel Mionel, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Marius Cristian Neacşu, Ph.D.
Professor Silviu Neguț, Ph.D.
Lecturer Ana Maria Nica, Ph.D.
Professor Puiu Nistoreanu, Ph.D.
Professor Ana Mihaela Pădurean, Ph.D.
Lecturer Iuliana Pop, Ph.D.
Professor Delia Popescu, Ph.D.
Professor Claudia Rodica Popescu, Ph.D.
Professor Olimpia State, Ph.D.
Professor Gabriela Cecilia Stănciulescu, Ph.D.
Professor Andreea Fortuna Șchiopu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Mihail Ovidiu Tănase, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Mădălina Lavinia Ţală, Ph.D. (Director)
Professor Claudia Elena Ţuclea, Ph.D.
Professor Gabriela Ţigu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Dragoș Constantin Vasile, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Liviu Bogdan Vlad, Ph.D.
Professor Gheorghe Vlăsceanu, Ph.D.
Economist, Cristina Pop

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